Almost There

The time is nearing. There is only about a week left.

It is almost sale day for us.

Sale day is hopeful, yet nerve racking. Since this year we did not contract our calves ahead of time like we have in the past, it’s a little more interesting. We hope the price is good that day. Even more so, we pray we’ve done our best.

This little herd we are selling was entrusted to us. Sure, we bought the calves, but there is a sense of caretaking. Did we help them grow and mature? Did we do the best with what we had? Did we provide for them well? Truly we want the best for our animals.

It’s not just this little bunch though. What are the other fields around me? How can I do the best with what I have? At the end of the day, we hope we’ve made the most of our resources and blessed the animals in our care. May the fields be ripe around us to care for the things in front of us. May all our resources be blessed as we pursue that which is in our hearts.


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