My name is Marci Whitehurst and I am a freelance writer, rancher’s wife, and mother of three children. Personal tidbits: I like most things about cattle, I enjoy cooking, and I love writing.

In my early years, I lived in town, but as an eighteen-year-old girl, I fell in love with my husband and agriculture. Since then, we’ve worked on different cattle ranches and then about ten years ago, began a cattle herd of our own. We started with a large herd of ten cows that made the neighbors laugh…but everyone has to start somewhere when trying to achieve their dreams! We grew it into a larger herd of over 125, with the intention of continuing to grow.

Currently we are in transition as we have changed locations. We have stocker calves right now and are looking to expand. I hope to encourage and educate others by what we’ve experienced, as well as promote the cattle industry.

Please comment and share your own story. Connection is good!


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