Thanksgiving Isn’t Just for Thanksgiving


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It’s the week after Thanksgiving and I’m still full.

We had more food than we needed and enough laughter to lift the roof. We are beyond blessed.

And yet…

If I’m honest, there is still a lengthy prayer list.

There are a lot of things I’d like to fix… or do… or see happen.

There are some problems I’m not sure have good answers.

BUT, I do know this:


I’ve spent much of my life worry praying. Maybe you’ve done it too: Staying awake at night begging God to hear you.

Worry prayer is still prayer, but it lacks a Kingdom component: PEACE.

How do you get peace? I mean, listen to the nightly news and you’re liable to raise anxiety.

True Peace only comes from the Prince of Peace. There is psuedo peace and I’ve tried it. It helps some, but that deep ache, that internal longing, can only be filled by God.

Yet, even so, if I am honest, I sometimes still worry. A lot of that comes from making the problems bigger than the solution. I’ve spent too much time mulling over problems without looking at my blessings.

If I am to truly combat the issues in front of me, I must maintain a mindset of peace and focus on all the good things. Thanksgiving in a sense becomes a weapon–a way to train my brain.

May Thanksgiving continue all year long. There is much to be grateful for!