I realized that I commented on our impending sale of steers, but never followed up with it. Let’s just suffice it to say that we are thankful. The steers did well and we were pleased with the sale. I know, cattle prices are high right now and people think we are making out like bandits. Just remember, if we are selling high, we are purchasing high…and this is about improving life too, not just the bottom dollar, so there are feed and supplement costs to consider. All that being said, we are thankful for how things turned out.

Sometimes life surprises us and we aren’t sure what to do. This has been happening for me personally in another area of life. Yet I must go back to what I do know: I need to move forward in areas of strength and talent and work on weak areas. Let’s say I’m good with numbers but I keep pursuing a job in language arts and nothing is going well…I have an opportunity to revist my area of strength and press into change.

I keep thinking of this with cattle. We’ve tried to do other things in life, but it doesn’t really flow without some kind of connection to the land and animals. It may not turn out exactly as we planned, but going towards that God-given gifting is always a good idea.