How To Be Like the Big Boys

just like the big boys

This photo is of our bottle calf. Well, it’s actually some friends’ bottle calf. We tried to graft him to a cow who her lost her calf, but she wouldn’t have anything to do with him. He’s aggressive, smart, and he’ll be anyone’s buddy… I’m bummed the momma wasn’t interested.

We are feeding him a bottle until he can be re-homed. Bottle calves are fun because they always love to see you. He loves back rubs, scratches behind the ear, and long walks on the beach… Ha, ha.

After it was clear the momma who lost her calf wouldn’t take this amazing one, we had him behind the barn. He could see some other pairs, but he wouldn’t go out with them. Instead, he wanted to be with the 4-H steers. He stood at the gate into their pen and bawled. The poor kid was lonely!

He bounded into the steer pen like a bull at a rodeo. He ran up to the steers and the three of them started playing. The calf was so happy to have friends!

Obviously the steers eat a bit more and a different variety than the calf, but every time the steers get fed, he comes over to the bunks. He nibbles on hay and a bit of grain, but not much. He’s simply happy to be included.

Aren’t we like that too?

I know I like to be included. I also try hard to included others. It hurts when we are deliberately left out.

Yet it also shows who is important in our lives. Who we hang around will determine our own course. This calf is copying the behavior of the bigger boys around him. We often do the same.

It doesn’t take much to be like the big boys–just hang around them!