Grazy Days

Last time I wrote, my husband had just broken bones and had surgery. What most of you want to know is:

Is he a good patient?

In the past, I would’ve grimaced and struggled to spit out a congenial answer. Today, I’m happy to report that he is a good patient.

Yes, there were days when pride frustrated him because he couldn’t saddle his own horse. (Of course he still rode–is that even a question? He’s a good rider on a horse that shares his personality, so it worked out.) He wanted to lift something heavy or pick up a shovel, but couldn’t because he’d reinjure his arm. However, he didn’t complain about pain. He wanted it healed in two days, but he followed the doctor’s orders so he would heal in due time.

He had his follow-up x-ray last week and the break is healed! He still has to work on mobility because of damage to ligaments and tendons, but he’s been using his hand and he’s happy.

We are also pleased to report that fall works went well last week–the calves are vaccinated and gaining nicely. The weather has been beautiful–no snow! It’s so nice to give shots and keep records without also trying to manage gloves. If you’ve done this before, you know that gloves can slow down the process. It was the calves first time through the chute and a few were tentative, but for the most part, they did well. There’s always that one that tries to turn around…

The cows are grazing in front of the house now and it is always a gift to drive home and see them in the field. There’s something about happy cows on good pasture that warms the heart.