Low Stress Cattle Handling Practices

Low stress cattle handling provides producers with low impact ways to work with their animals. Cattle will respond to our actions based on how they feel in their environment. The calmer our voices, the slower our actions, and the more time we allow cattle to respond to our requests, the less cortisol both human and animal will expend.

In past decades, the cattle industry as a whole has had a reputation for misusing their position and mistreating livestock. Several years ago, the livestock industry began seeing a shift in their handling practices. Sustainability became a buzzword and a pivotal part of agriculture–and rightly so.

As producers, we want to promote the well being of our cattle and provide for their safety, health, and nutrition with high quality products and practices. This section is dedicated to talking about humane, peaceful, and low stress cattle handling to encourage and promote a social change in the way cattle (and their producers) are viewed in our culture.


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