Small Wonder

We’ve been getting rain in August here in our semi desert climate. It’s rare. Very rare. It’s been a blessing to some and a hinderance to others. The hay that  needs baled is looking more black than green. Yet, some crops are experiencing higher yield. Personally, I’m savoring the smell of the dampened earth. It’s the same scenery that I look at every day, but a little change in weather and it has a different feel, a different look.

In addition, the garden is exploding and I’m amazed at the simple wonder of growing things. Soil by itself doesn’t produce anything. Add a seed though, some sun and water… and something new sprouts. The seed is buried, dies, and bursts forth as something new–something greater–when put in the right environment.

Our calves are growing bigger too. I couldn’t see it earlier this summer, but now their growth is obvious.

It is a small wonder, the tiny things that happen every day. Our culture is beginning to celebrate daily joys, which is fabulous. For me though, it goes beyond just being thankful for  the sun, a hug, or a rainbow–which are all amazing things. Deeper still are the things that we don’t see happening every day that eventually add up to something notable. A seed seems dormant in the soil until days later, a green head pops up. Growth isn’t visible daily in our children, our cattle, or even myself. Honestly, it is so easy to be hard on myself or certain situations because I can’t see the change I hope to see.

Yet beyond the scope of my natural eye, growth occurs and is happening. In a moment, a sprout of opportunity make pop up or a plant may all of a sudden be ready to harvest. These behind the scenes occurrances are cause for joy as well. You never know what a difference a day will make.



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