The last month has been a whirlwind!!

We finally saw the sun about four weeks ago after a winter to end all winters! We had snow through the end of April. We were beginning to wonder if Montana would ever get above 30 degrees again.

Then bam! Here came warm temps and the spring works were underway. Plus, we calve in April and May. Then there are track meets, school programs, and this year–our oldest daughter graduated from Montana State University and will be headed to Kansas for veterinary school.

It’s a new adventure for her–she doesn’t know anyone in her new hometown, but God led her there, so He will be providing friendships. She has friends about 4 hours away, so I imagine on long weekends, she’ll skip over to see them.

Really, it’s a new adventure for us as well. We’ve been in the zone of raising a family and a herd, so we’ve been excited to see new parts of the country. And let me just say–the parts of Kansas we’ve seen are beautiful. Granted, I love my mountains and the flats seem to go on and on when you’re driving cross country, but the rolling green hills and the sunsets–well, it’s quite exquisite. We prayed for the drought to end as we traveled across the miles–and on our way home, the rain began to pour. I sure hope it continues and spreads across Oklahoma, Missouri, and beyond.

Anyone else experiencing new adventures? Spring is a time for rebirth–so may blessings abound as we consider the new mercies of every day.


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