Cross Country Cattle Drive

Before you look at the title and think we crossed multiple states horseback, check out the picture. Let me tell you something: skis were involved.

I know the proper way to move cattle by most cowboy standards is horseback.

However, sometimes, a little ingenuity is needed.

Here’s what happened:

It was spring break. Our daughter was home visiting. We decided to throw on our cross country skis and make a loop in the field.

We knew that the guys were bringing the cattle up from a lower pasture, but after getting fed all winter, we thought they’d follow the hay into the pasture. They often do, but sometimes there are stragglers. You know the cows. They are like the kids that draw in the dirt during baseball practice (also one of my kids). They meander. They come…eventually.

Our daughter and I saw the gap between the front and the stragglers was growing as we skimmed across freshly fallen snow and frozen cow pies. The obvious thing to do was to help out–on skis!

Before you write me off as some weirdo, let me just say it was fun. It worked. We got to help move cows and we got to ski!! Win, win!

If you’ve never done it before, I’d highly recommend it.

However, since it supposed to be spring, I hope that you get the chance next winter!!

**As you can tell, sometimes we use a side-by-side for a moving pastures. I also enjoy 4 wheelers and side-by-sides. Horses are amazing, but we are thankful for options!


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