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We had a plan.

You ever have a plan?

Yeah, a plan. That we thought was divine–literally and figuratively. We thought we were doing what God wanted for us and I thought I’d have this amazing news to share.

I was waiting to share it because we were waiting to cross what we thought was the final T.

And then…Road Block.

It didn’t happen.

We sold our house, our cows, our equipment because we were so excited about a possibility in a different state and we needed to be ready to roll. Long story short, we prepared for a situation we thought was concrete and it wasn’t.

It messed with us a little bit. We were SO disappointed.

After a bit of time of grieving, we are looking at new options. It feels different because we spent so many months picturing something else. However, God is always good. The way He does things may surprise us, but He never leaves us. He has something good–for all of us! You, too!

Since we are back in the preliminary stages of options, I can’t reveal much info about possibilities yet. But they are out there! And they are new things to be excited about.

When we sold our ranch, we didn’t do it out of necessity. We were making money. Managing well. It was about an opportunity to be involved in something bigger than ourselves and to help others. We still want to do this and are starting on a very exciting opportunity that I can’t wait to tell you about.

Sometimes road blocks lead to detours that are just as amazing or better than the original route. I will update you soon. In the meantime, what road blocks have you encountered that led to something good?


2 thoughts on “ROAD BLOCKS

  1. Karen Wilde

    Marci –
    Read your article in the june Progressive Cattle magazine. Yes, God is Great! We, too, thought we had a master plan… but God stepped in and sent us back on the course He chose for us – which is off the ranch.
    My husband had a major medical event in January. We had purchased a “little place to retire to someday” a couple years ago. We knew we would not be able to continue ranching for too many more years.
    We came home after 11 days in the hospital to our new “home”. We have sold all the cattle and most of the equipment. Even most of the household, as this house is much smaller. I’m still adjusting to life near the city, but I TRUST in God, and have faith that this is where we are meant to be, and life if good.
    So, if you want to relocate to the dry side of Oregon, or know anyone looking for a small ranch (600 acres) send them my way. Good luck in your future, and I know God is watching over you. I’ve always enjoyed your articles.
    Sincerely, Karen Wilde

    1. Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate you reaching out. Your kind words are a gift. We are still in the process of looking at opportunities. I’m so sorry your husband had a medical event. Prayers for him, for you, and your new home. God is always faithful. Please feel free to email me at: Thanks!

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