Moving On…

When my husband was working ranches early in our marriage, I knew moving was part of the deal. Cowboys often move, but I thought once we started our own production, that would stop.

I’m a girl who loves roots. Deep roots. As in, I have wished we had land that was handed down, complete with the house my grandmother was born in. However, this has not been our experience. I am not upset that hasn’t been our path, but I have daydreamed about what that would be like to have that kind of heritage.

However, I have heard the stories about my grandmother’s family traveling from Missouri to Montana, hoping to find land. Their path was hard. They made a difficult journey and things never really got “easy”. My grandmother’s family had sheep and some cows, but they mostly farmed. I don’t think they had much land. Anything they had was gone before my dad came along and from then on, everyone worked in town.

When I think of people traveling in the 1800’s and early 1900’s to find a better way, it impresses me. Many people moved 100 miles away from family and never saw their family again. Others moved across the US for “free” land or the hopes of having something of their own. Their tenacity is commendable.

Our current culture isn’t doing that kind of moving anymore–exploring unexplored land or mining in the hopes of striking it rich are gone. However, I think we still long for more, for something better. Those of us who have started out on our own in agriculture certainly look for new opportunities.

A new opportunity brought us to our place here in Montana.

A new opportunity will take us to another place.

I will tell more later, but for now, what I can say is: We are moving again. We sold our little ranch.

I’m sad. I’m sad we aren’t staying here forever. YET–we can’t stay in the same place if God’s plans are for moving on.

I’ve poured my heart into this place. It was in need of so much TLC. We gutted the house, refenced the place, built new gates, etc…only the exterior of the buildings stayed the same–well, except for some paint.

Making a home is part of my DNA. I want a place where people feel welcome. I want to pour into my community. Hopefully we’ve done that and will do it again.

I’m also excited. We are on an adventure. A big adventure with many unknowns–not to mention Covid unknowns! We look forward to being a part of something new again and hopefully the love we poured into the place we are leaving will be felt by the new owners.

Fortunately, we get to stay until our middle daughter graduates in May. We have a few months. I’ll be in touch.

Anyone want to guess where we will land?

God has a plan!


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