The Perfect Gift

It’s the season. Everyone is busy and we are all searching for the perfect gift.

Finding a meaningful gift is important because it shows that we care.

There is some pressure involved: What if I don’t get something they like? Will they wonder if I know them at all?

There is the reality though that the gifts don’t matter, it’s the heart behind them.

Yet our hearts will not be seen in a single gift. The right gift isn’t going to mend a broken relationship. Our hearts are seen in our every day moments. Moments like a kiss before work, saying good morning before checking your phone, or getting someone a soda or water (without them even asking) communicates that they are important.

What is behind these moments? Love.

Certainly gifts at Christmas mean something. But they don’t mean everything.

So let’s enjoy those gifts and the gift giving. It’s another day to show those around us they are important. It’s another way to show the ultimate gift–redemption through Jesus coming to Earth for us!


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