Main Meals

After a hard day of working, we all love to be able to have a hearty meal. Here are some of our family favorites and ones we’ve used with our crews.

Later on I may add specific recipes, but if you are stuck for what to do for supper with a crowd of guys–don’t forget the beef you may have in your freezer.
Throw in a couple of roasts with potatoes and carrots.
Grill hamburgers.
Slice kielbasa or summer sausage with vegetables in olive oil, cook until tender. (Add Braggs for extra flavor.) I know, I know…cowboys don’t do stir-frys. But if you use potatoes, green beans, corn, peas, carrots and sausage…well, they’ll eat it. Just don’t call it stir-fry. Call it Sausage and Rice. They may not notice. Mine hasn’t. Shhh!
Round Steak and Potatoes.
Fajitas (These are awesome in a crock pot!)
Shredded roast–put on buns for sandwiches, or serve on top of rice.

I’ll keep adding more…as I remember what I’ve done or try something new.


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