Main Meals

After a hard day of working, we all love to be able to have a hearty meal. Here are some of our family favorites and ones we’ve used with our crews.

Later on I may add specific recipes, but if you are stuck for what to do for supper with a crowd of guys–don’t forget the beef you may have in your freezer.
Throw in a couple of roasts with potatoes and carrots.
Grill hamburgers.
Slice kielbasa or summer sausage with vegetables in olive oil, cook until tender. (Add Braggs for extra flavor.) I know, I know…cowboys don’t do stir-frys. But if you use potatoes, green beans, corn, peas, carrots and sausage…well, they’ll eat it. Just don’t call it stir-fry. Call it Sausage and Rice. They may not notice. Mine hasn’t. Shhh!
Round Steak and Potatoes.
Fajitas (These are awesome in a crock pot!)
Shredded roast–put on buns for sandwiches, or serve on top of rice.

I’ll keep adding more…as I remember what I’ve done or try something new.


Recipes from the Range

Part of a ranch wife’s life includes cooking. Since we have rented much of the land our cattle graze, many meals I’ve made have been packed up in our suburban and hauled out to the crew. Sure I’ve done the obvious sandwiches, especially on hot days. Even sandwiches can become creative though when you vary the kind of bread you use–hoagies, buns, etc. Sandwiches can be cold cuts with plenty of toppings or shredded meat sandwiches.
Yet my goal is to not write only of sandwiches, but to add some recipes that my family enjoys. Many of these can be cooked in larger quantities for ranch crews. I love to use the crock pot.

Most of these recipes will be gluten free as well. Six years ago I began cooking gluten free when my son was found to have a wheat interolerance. I’ve felt better since eating this way, so we continue to cook with various grains.

If you have suggestions or would like to add one of your recipe favorites, feel free!

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