I was driving, so the dog sat on Billy’s lap…

Baxter Black has a piece about his “good” dog fetching the neighbors rabbit. The dog brings the rabbit over–dead. So the rancher puts the rabbit back in the neighbor’s hutch (after some primping) for the owner to find. It turns out the rabbit had died awhile back and the owner was more than surprised to see it back in the hutch. Here he was worried that his dog had done it in! It is one of our favorite Baxter Black bits! (Blessings on retirement, sir!)

In the piece, he says, “You ever been embarrassed by your good dog? Yeah, me neither.”

We have a dog like that.

Her mother was one of the best cow dogs on the planet. (I know a lot of ranchers say that, but well, this dog was good!) We had nine pups in the litter. We decided to keep one. Oh, what a cute puppy!

She ran alongside her mother. For one day.

One day.

Did I say, ONE day?

All, y’all–this dog is scared of cows.


We have a few of those around.

She is so scared, she rides in the cab when we are near cows or she takes off. She has been gone overnight–hiding–from cows!

Good thing she’s sweet.

And she chases off coyotes… Explain that to me.

Here’s to “good dogs!”

**Update on our “elk cow” (see previous post)

The elk that thought she was a cow has found her group. While she stayed with us for a couple months, when the elk herd walked through, she must have joined them because we haven’t seen her in several weeks.


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