Black Lives Matter! Warning: This Isn’t What You Think It Is…


Momma and baby in the spring of 2016.

However, so do red, brown, and white…

Cattle crazing in 2015

Hopefully no one is offended by my use of this phrase in regards to cattle. I do not wish to create division or start a rampage of negativity. I truly value all life–human or animal–and all variety. History is full of atrocities; I do not make light of things that have happened. Never-the-less, we must be aware that different people are going to give voice to that which they value. I love hearing perspectives varying from my own because it challenges me to think beyond the perimeters of my reality. I wish to honor others.

As someone who values cattle and the longevity of agriculture in the US, I posted this to show the importance of the beef industry. I know… we get a bad rap sometimes. There are producers out there making bad choices and videotaping their inhumane ethics. It’s sick. But just like other groups worldwide, there are extremes among cattle producers. Fortunately, the few bad apples do not represent the industry as a whole.

Most producers want quality of life for their stock: Fresh water, clean fields, high quality feed. We are in this business because it’s a life style that connects us with the land and animals. We seek to better the planet we live on, to be good stewards of our resources, and to increase productivity to support future generations. We use humane treatments: quiet voices, calm movements, and respect. We are not putting on a rodeo or looking to “dominate” the cattle. We are looking to be a blessing to God’s given resources and do our best for our families, our fellow producers, and those who consume beef.

There aren’t corporate ladders to climb in the cattle market; there are lives that depend on our care. (Although according to the IRS, we do not have 250 dependents.) We take this responsibility as a blessing, even though there are long hours.

The beef industry in America is important:

It’s provides a viable and wholesome food source.

It care takes land and livestock for current environmental needs with awareness of future needs. (There are studies available on the benefit of cattle to sage grouse, natural forage, and wildlife.)

America was dubbed a “melting pot” decades ago because we welcome all backgrounds. May we continue to see the importance in each other and the things we deem valuable. All lives do matter–bovines included!


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