Happy Thanksgiving!


My mom gave me this Thanksgiving decoration several years ago. I laughed when I saw it and it still makes me smile. As beef producers, we sure want to promote the industry in any way we can. We believe in it and value the longevity of agriculture.

Yet, we also like poultry. And pork. And even fish–although not on Thanksgiving.

I imagine the first Thanksgiving dinner included fresh caught fish, but our table will be filled with turkey and ham, veggies, sides, and dessert. We have the joy of gathering with friends tomorrow, so our table will be full.

We are thankful for so many things this year: improving health, joy, family, friends, food, etc. I’m thankful for my neighbors, the mountains, the grass. I appreciate what others do for me and I love how my life story connects to others. And while yes, I’m thankful for our beef, I’m also thankful for variety. Beef is incredible, but it tastes best when varied. I don’t just mean  variety in how beef is cooked; I mean variety in what we eat. Other meats are fantastic too.

Perhaps this year, in light of changing circumstances, I am thankful for variety. I’m grateful we don’t all have the same ideas or opinions. How boring that would be! Rather the beauty, the full flavor, and the greatest peak come from appreciating other things: be it other foods, other people, or other ideas. Our beef tastes amazing because we are always listening, always learning, and striving for quality of life and production. Likewise, if I only associated with those who were like me, it wouldn’t grow me or stretch me to new places and better thinking.

Happy trails and Happy Thanksgiving!


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