The Puppy is Growing…

Last spring we unexpectedly lost our ranch dog, Dally. We grieved over her death and buried her overlooking the river.

My hubby said he didn’t want another ranch dog.

It lasted a couple months.

The kids and I were trying to convince him to take a pup from a friend’s litter. The parents are good working dogs. He grumped no, but then darned if he didn’t surprise us all and bring home a pup!

That was in August. cindy-quilts-me-headshots-mags-bday-cattle-and-steer-pics-059

Rye has grown a lot since then. She still chews on everything. We never know what we are going to find in our yard, but it’ll most likely be shredded.

We can’t keep her from working. Some experts say to wait until a pup is six months old before beginning to work with them, but she wouldn’t have any of that. She loves cows and she’s a natural. It’s been fun seeing the excitement of a young puppy. Everything is new. She’s always happy.

It helps with overall morale.

Somehow it helps us feel a little more chipper. A bit more enthusiastic about work. Maybe we should get five puppies. LOL!

Rye helping us move cattle down the road.



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