puppies! 004

How cute is that face?

It’s pretty adorable. It doesn’t scream full-blooded Border collie though. We raise Border collie pups, usually. Only this time our momma dog became pregnant on her own. We hoped it was the closest neighbor’s Border collie that fathered them, but when they were born, they were awfully dark.

Mostly black.

Some Border collies have less coloring, we rationalized.

Don’t you love when you try to talk yourself into the answer you want instead of the answer you have?

Maybe they’ll look different as they get bigger, we quipped.

Yet they look like this at almost six weeks…

puppies! 007
Cuties! 1 red/chocolate color…4 blacks


Is that a little black lab I see? Our nearest neighbors confirmed they’d seen a black lab in the area–we just hadn’t seen him.

It’s a risk you run when you have an unfixed female. Yet it isn’t hoped for much. We really don’t have many neighbors–and by neighbors I mean people within a mile or more of us–no city neighborhood blocks. We didn’t anticipate it much because there isn’t that much traffic around here.

Yet things happen. These five oopses happens to be very mild tempered and sweet as candy. Some surprises are tolerated easier than others. Now I just have to find five lovely people who’d give these cuties good homes…


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