Back in the Saddle

Right now the ranges are dry, really dry. Our pastures are in desperate need of water. The lack of irrigation in the place we recently bought means that it needs serious TLC and we haven’t been able to give it the water it needs. We’ve been trying, but irrigation isn’t the cheapest investment on a ranch, so we have taken our time studying the land and talking to different companies. It is imperative to know the land to know what type of irrigation system will work best. We’ve decided on using K-lines for a majority of our pastures since they will be used as pasture. We are anxious to get the water up and going. I guess you know what we’ll be doing tonight… (It’ll probably be as close to a “date” as we get for awhile. 🙂 You understand fellow ranch wives.)

Since I’m analytical and think about life from all different angles, I can’t help but think of how we need to know ourselves before we jump into new things too. We study the land to assess for irrigation, but do we study ourselves to know how we are wired? Are we an introvert or extrovert? Do we like fast paced or slow? I know for me, I like people, but I’m an introvert so if my week doesn’t include a fair amount of time at home and a few minutes by myself, I feel overwhelmed.

It’s been fun to watch my husband. Even though things have been really hard–there is so much work to be done too–he is gifted when it comes to working with land and livestock. He can look at animals and understand what’s going on, what will be best for them, and what to do next. We had two years where he didn’t have that. He felt like a fish out of water. He’s back in the saddle again, doing what he loves and what he’s good at.

How about you? What do you love? What are your strengths? While it’s good to learn new things and step out of our comfort zone, it is perhaps more important to know what we were created to do well. May you be blessed in your journey of discovery!


One thought on “Back in the Saddle

  1. We have a lot in common. I like a balance between social outlets and my down time at home. If I don’t get out I get a little stir crazy and if I don’t get enough time to read or write in my journal I get cranky. Water is another struggle for sure. I think you are wise in getting to know your landscape. Spending time just studying where the sun comes up in the different seasons and where it sets in the evening can make such a big difference in the energy we expend both to heat our homes, plant our garden and where we sit to read a book!

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