World View

San Pedro

Our oldest daughter just got back from Guatemala. She spent three weeks in a Spanish immersion school with a friend and toured part of the country. She saw things I may never see. This thrills me. World views tend to be the small “world” we build around ourselves: our immediate family and surroundings, our day-to-day circumstances, the food we consume most commonly. None of this is bad per se; it is just that it can be very small.

Having a chance to experience cultures and languages different from our own broadens our perspective. It helps us appreciate our own heritage, while valuing the experiences of another. My daughter found she really enjoyed the beauty and color in Guatemala, along with some of their traditional foods. Homemade tortillas, ground fresh every meal, are something she will remember. Her deepest treasure though is friendship. The amazing people she met–her host family and friends from the school– are people she’ll likely connect with for the rest of her life. She made cultural connections that shape how she values people and hopefully how they value her.

I’d like to say I remained peaceful the entire time she was away, but I didn’t learn until the last week to trust. I prayed and talked to her, but I finally the last week realized my perspective is often limited. It is much too easy to concoct a world view based on fear or the unknown. Yet anything based on fear isn’t rooted in the truth of who we are and Whose we are. The reality is God loves all people across the globe and until we see what their lives are like, we may live in a world we create in our minds. Seeing the pictures helped me broaden my horizons, but I’m so thankful my children are getting to experience something outside their daily routine.

The world is harsh in many ways, but it is also beautiful. Realizing that circumstances don’t revolve around us brings a lot of intentional focus to the situations we encounter on a daily basis–even things like irrigating. How wonderful to have good water!  May your day and your perspective be rich!

Transportation: a Tuk-Tuk 
World View from Guatemala


April snow

Winter’s End??

Snow, snow, snow…I want to wash my hands, my face and hair, with snow…

That is a line from a song in White Christmas.

It’s a great song.

Except it is April.


We are in Montana, so this isn’t abnormal, but I’m ready for spring. I’m ready for rain instead of snow anyway.

Lack of sunshine causes somber moods, weariness, and seasonal depression.

On the upside, I took my kids skiing four days ago.

We started calving on April 1st. The weather can fluctuate in April, but we had a full on snow storm with seventeen degree temps that first weekend. Now it’s 35 degrees and blowing snow sideways.

I miss you sunshine!

Yet last night I saw a wheelchair bound friend of mine. She’s relegated to only going outside if the weather permits. No putting on boots. No layering up.

You know what she did?

She asked how my life was going and wanted me to tell her everything we were up to.

Talk about humbling.

I know life is challenging and we can’t compare our life story to someone else’s. Yet it helped me put it in perspective. I’m thankful I can go outside.

We are all missing the sunshine. But it will come. The earth does in fact rotate and we can’t stay in perpetual winter. It may feel like it, but our feelings will sometimes deceive us.

Enjoy your day, whatever it looks like. I’m going to crank the heat up, turn on the lights (pseudo sun!), and maybe put on some music…